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A Letter From John

Thank you for expressing interest in having a private reading with me.  There is no longer a waiting list to be placed on regarding private readings. The reason why is simple. In 2000, I started taping a show called CROSSING OVER. My schedule became crazier than I could have psychically anticipated and I didn’t get the chance to see private clients at the rate I normally would. I never had my office stop taking names, because my intention was to just go back to doing what I do. At one point, the waiting list for a private reading was over 8 years long. THAT’S WHEN I STOPPED IT. 
I am happy to report that most people that were on that list were called or emailed as long as we had their correct contact information and the list is officially completed. I now have an INTEREST LIST for private readings. THAT list is equally as long and would take me years to be able to read everyone on it.  If you subscribe to the newsletter each month, and you can do that right from this page, check off PRIVATE READINGS – (like you see here ) and randomly my office will call. We have had people on the interest list for a couple of years, and less than an hour when they got called. I leave it up to the UNIVERSE to keep it fair.   If you are called the fee for a private session whether in person or over the phone is $850 dollars. That is the only way to express your interest in a private reading and be placed on the interest list.
I understand that it is very expensive and cost prohibitive for many and I have worked hard at trying to make access to me and my work different.  On my birthday in 2011 I launched what was called The Five and is now called "Evolve" right here on 
The fee to join Evolve is $75 for the year, but each month there are FIVE people that get that same RANDOM opportunity to get a private reading for free as it's included in the membership. YES… the same private reading that is $850 if you are called for it, you can get that same chance for $75… but you also get a lot more. 
Why am I doing this? Very simply,  I want you to know that my goal is to raise awareness about the world of energy we live in and I want you to become part of the JE community. I always say it’s not about me, its about an awareness. I get back from you guys, NO… its about YOU giving us your perspective, teaching us, and that helps us to evolve in our awareness. With that, Evolve (formerly The Five) was born.  Each month, 5 people will get a private reading…. 5 people will get a pair of tix to my live events, 5 people get the opportunity to ask a question and have me answer it personally (randomly selected as well), members get the opportunity to come to my studio for live tapings of my show Evolve with John Edward plus when you join you unlock where there is a playground of sorts with some fun psychic tools to explore and experience- and if you come to my live events, members of Evolve get exclusive access to an event called "Just Five More" which is an intimate conversation, questions and answer session that I do right after each live event. Upon joining, you will even get a welcome package that consists of an autographed book. 2 rose appreciation pins, a welcome letter, a 25% off discount coupon to the store on and we often throw in other fun gifts. Also you will get a username and password to unlock the site and watch my new show Evolve with John Edward (with a video archive of every episode that has aired) and the opportunity to be part of an exclusive online community where you can interact with other members, myself and staff. 
So, If you are here looking for a reading… I invite you now to become a member of Evolve – and as I have said for the last 28 years, if you are meant to get a reading… you will get a reading…
Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to allow me to explain what I am doing here.

5 Members of Evolve Win FREE Readings Each Month!

Each month:

  • 5 members win a free, personal phone reading with John.
  • 5 members win a pair of tickets to a live John Edward event.
  • 5 members will get a personal question answered by John.
  • 5 members will receive an appreciation pack.
  • Members of Evolve will be selected to win tickets to a live taping of Evolve with John Edward.

Additional Features:

  • New members receive a welcome package that includes a signed book from John upon joining.
  • Members attending a live event are invited to take part in "Just Five More" an intimate conversation, question and answer session
  • Access to a variety of metaphysical tools (numerology, tarot card readings, chakra meditations, and more!)
  • Access to all previous episodes of Evolve with John Edward.
  • Access to John's new book Above and Beyond (ONLY available online).
  • Access to watch and participate in Evolve with John Edward, John's new show exclusively for members!
  • And so much more


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