Virtual Events

There is a huge waiting list to get onto the small 10 person Zoom Groups and they weren’t even promoted if you are interested in those you can sign up on the other post two down from this one.

BUT– IF you have tickets to an actual physical event, you will take priority for the online events that are being scheduled. (Email to change your tickets now)

If you have purchased tickets, you already have secured a spot. Here’s the difference. That ticket is good for you plus another person in your home if they are there with you. That means all the husbands and partners that tease you for coming – THEY ARE INVITED! You know what will happen, I will probably read for them. So, don’t be sad that I am not coming to your AREA, because I am technically and technologically – coming to your LIVING ROOM. I can’t wait.

So the 2020 tour is happening but it’s coming to you in your home from your device or computer. Dates, tickets and more information coming soon. These will be just like the regular in person events, done the same way with Q&A’s and readings and teachings and more but from the comfort of both of our homes!