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Evolve: Holidays

Evolve: Holidays

https://vimeo.com/657611296 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our Evolve family to yours <3

John Edward Events, Groups & Readings Explained

I am dipping our toes back into the live event world again. For information and locations of current tour locations please go to www.johnedward.net/events I will still be doing mostly virtual events for the time being. Below is the explanation of what each group is, what comes with tickets and how to book tickets to each group. John Edward Virtual Event – Tickets $100 Regular / $175 VIP 2 Hours in length and then the VIP ticket holder Q&A follows These are the regular groups events that have taken place all over the world but have been updated for Zoom! According to people...

Free Virtual Event Seats

Want to attend a free Virtual Event? Click read more and fill out the form. If you are selected you will be notified by email! This contest is open to anyone anywhere in the world. Last day to enter is July 16, 2021. Winners will start to be notified week of July 19th. Events are Mondays, in August. If you try to enter and only see a "thank you" message, you have previously entered. (Only one entry per person).

Astrology Hub Houses Worksheets

Founder of AstrologyHub.com, Amanda Pua Walsh, returns to Evolve this month with the final installment of her workshop - this month we learn about the Houses of the birth chart. She generously provided us with a guidebook and a worksheet to help you at home find what Zodiac signs and Planets are in which houses in your own chart. Click on the titles below to view and download! * Please note these downloads are available exclusively to Evolve subscribers, and you must be logged in to your account to access them. Printer Friendly House Makeup QUICK GUIDE TO THE HOUSES - DECODE