Private Reading

A private reading session is scheduled for one person and the current fee is $850US. Up to four people may attend the same session, for an additional $250US per person. It is however advised that all participants (sitters) be related or looking to connect with the same family. Audio and Video taping is not allowed but note taking is STRONGLY SUGGESTED. All private readings will be done over the phone and cannot be recorded. (Please know that fees are subject to change over time). Readings run roughly about 30 minutes.

For the chance to have a private reading with John here is the process. VIP Premium subscribers to Evolve Plus http://www.evolveplus.tv will be notified first and have the first opportunity to book private reading appointments as they become available. Basic subscribers to Evolve Plus http://www.evolveplus.tv will be notified second and have the second opportunity to book private readings with John. If any private reading appointments are still available after the VIP premium and basic subscribers to Evolve Plus are notified and given the opportunity to book an email will go out to John’s email newsletter list. Please go to http://www.evolveplus.tv to become a member of Evolve Plus (once you subscribe there is nothing else you will need to do) or click on the newsletter tab in the top right of this page to subscribe to the free email newsletter. Check off the private reading interest box (as well as all others you would like information on) and submit the form. When the form is submitted you will receive a confirmation e-mail. There are no guarantee that you will obtain a private session by signing up and expressing your interest.